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Type of Equipments Brands
Industrial Kitchen Equipments

Offcar (Italy)
Kitchen Equipment

Offcar is Italian company founded in 1937 and have a legacy of 70 years in manufacturing and marketing of professional kitchebn equipment. The company manufacturers wide range of products from preperation, to serving. Apart from the strong presence in Italy the comapany has a good client base in other part of Europe, Asia Noth Africa and Middle East and boast of several highprofile projects in hotel industry.

Sammic Kitchen Equipment (Spain)

Brings in Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine, which is:

Empero (Turkey)
Kitchen Equipment

Empero is one of the leading manufacturers of professional kitchen equipment in Turkey and has strong presence in local and internal market. The USP of Empero equipments lies in their perfect balance between quality which is at par with products from Europe and reasonably priced. Their products range from preparation to serving equipments. All the products produced by EMPERO has serial examination-control processes. In accordance with CE norms and TSEK, TSE, ISO 9001 quality certificates all the products are subjected to the part control before production, resistance - performance - security tests before and after production.

Refrigeration & Cooling Equipment for Kitchens

Everlasting (Italy)
Refrigeration & Cooing Equipment for kitchen

Everlasting is one of the leading companies in Italy in the production of refrigerated units for catering facilities. In particular, it is specialized in the production of refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated working tables, show cases pizza, ice makers, cold rooms, blast chillers and other equipment for the professional refrigeration.

Industrial Laundry Equipments

Grandimpianti (Italy)
Industrial Laundry Equipment

Grandimpianti is a premium Italian laundry equipment manufacturing company and are operating in this sector since 1972, offering a complete range of washing, drying and ironing appliances. All of their appliances comply with the "CE" standards in force. They are designed to best respond to ergonomic rules and yet curb consumption and safeguard the environment.

Kitchen,Hospital & Laundry Equipments

Kromluks (Turkey)
Industrial Kitchen, hospital & Laundry Equipment

KROMLUKS is a company in Turkey which produces kitchen, laundry and cooling systems with the experience of half a century. With their nearly 250 person work force 15,000 M2 square total factory landmark, experienced engineers’ designs they are racing for being a worldwide company. They have a unique quality system for feasibility, project design plan, and production logistics mounting and after sales technical service.

Chapathi Machines

Neo concept (India)
Chapati Making Machine (Gas & Electric)

Brings in Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine

  • - Easy to Operate & Maintain
  • - Hygienic production environment
  • - Minimum space requirement (50 sq .Ft)
  • - Return on investment of less than one year
  • - Huge saving in Manpower, Fuel and Flour
  • - Well puffed, equally baked Chapatis
  • - Widely installed in GCC countries

Rational Ovens (Germany)

Brings in Semi Automatic Chapati Making Machine